About the Artist: Beat Baumann

Beat Baumann (b.1965 in Switzerland) worked in the semi-conductor industry before becoming a full-time artist. He spent most of his life abroad mainly in China and Taiwan, but also in the US and the EU.

When he first arrived Taiwan in 1991, he relied on observation to navigate his new environment due to the language barrier. His works of art reflect the pulsating life in Taiwan- the countless street signs, the beautiful temples, and the hectic markets full of surprises. These novel experiences appear in his works as vibrant colours and geometric shapes.

Between 2001 and 2010, Baumann lived in Shanghai, witnessing the rapid development of the metropolitan. With the urbanisation of the city came Baumann’s second creative period. Skyscrapers and motifs of city life began to appear in his works.

In 2020 he returned to Kaohsiung to work as an artist full-time. In this period he freely experimented with different mediums such as spray paints and objects, which shows a clear growth his artistic style. He also created his first public art pieces and was invited to artist residencies across Asia and Europe.

The artist’s strong and intense color combinations, his loose and spontaneous mastery of  his brushstrokes and the stark black lines result in the unique, chaotic but orderly style. His imagination and creative perspectives are dramatised by the action in his paintings. These are the unmistakable characteristics of Baumann’s creations.

Solo Exhibition

2023 INSIDE OUT, Brock&Art, Liebefeld, Switzerland

2021  I am Beat Baumann, Chens Art, Taipei, Taiwan

2021  Galerie Artosphäre, Linz, Austria

2017  Art International Zurich, Switzerland

2016  Gallery H41, Aargau, Switzerland

Artist Residency

2024 Huaitai Top Art Community, Shanghai, China

2024 Villa Air, Bali, Indonesia

2023  MittelArt: Contemporary Eastern-Western Art Symposium, Bottenicco, Italy

2020-2024  Artist Studio, Pier 2 Art District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Public Art 

2024 Flow 漂 : Mural, Tai Art Center, Shanghai, China

2024  Taiwan’s City of Art 台灣藝術之城 : Mural, Pier 2 Art District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2010  Buchelimusig, Lucerne Fasnacht, Switzerland

Group Exhibition

2020  Chinese New Year Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition, Huai’an, China

1994  Basel Art Museum, SwitzerlandGalerie Artosphäre

@BeatBaumannArt  |  No. 60 Bixin, Kaohsiung Taiwan  |  台灣 高雄市 必信街60號